1. exposethetpp:

    This is what happens when corporations rule the world: bit.ly/rencocase

    So what are you going to do about it?



  2. dakotapuma:


    An important point.  Language and emphasis matters.

    "We’ve tended to assume people are more selfish than they really are. Surveys across 60 countries show that most people consistently hold concern for others, tolerance, kindness and thinking for themselves to be more important than wealth, image and power. But those whose voices are loudest belong to a small minority with the opposite set of values. And often, idiotically, we have sought to appease them.”


  3. What I don’t get about anti-social-justice campaigners.


    These people?

    Their typical hatefulness aside, they’re responding to (their impression that) people are being aggressive over trivial things, by being aggressive about (what they deem to be) trivial things?

    They say they want everyone to just be nice to eachother, instead of fighting for equality, & they’re trying to achieve it by being awful to other people?

    Do they even logic?

  5. confusedcatsagainstfeminism:

    Confused Cats Against Feminism is a project of We Hunted the Mammoth:The New Misogyny, tracked and mocked. You should go there, like right now.


  6. This is stunning. Key is actually saying that Government ownership is an assurance that the system (in this case Novopay) will be “properly resourced and properly looked after.” As opposed to private ownership in a competitive market. Gosh.


  7. "

    The connection between ethnicity and disadvantage did not appear overnight and breaking it won’t happen overnight either.

    Treating everyone exactly the same will not necessarily make everyone exactly the same and anyone who thinks so is incredibly naïve.

    — Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy slams Act’s Maori privilege comments - http://nzh.tw/11301500

  8. Anonymous said: Hi I was wondering if any one else has trouble with nightmares due to anxiety ? And if dreaming bout monsters / aliens/supernatural attacking you is part of the normal anxiety related nightmare or ? I would like to know if I'm not alone in this cause it keeps me up most nights after terrified to go bsck asleep .




    i do, some. but more that something is wrong with my house or car and it always feels very scary. a few times that my children are in danger but not often,strangely. 

    i tend to shout out in panic and jump out of my bed, sometimes sleep walk for short periods but always wake up soonish. 

    monster dreams i have rarely. 

    after many years i now manage to go back to sleep mostly. 

    Yes, nightmares or night terrors can be related to general anxiety disorders in adults (among other causes). Be assured it’s not just you & it’s not strange. Though it can be traumatic & hard to cope with.

    You should speak to your/a consultant/therapist about it & find a way to manage or treat it because, as I’m sure you know, lack of sleep won’t help either your physical or mental health.

    Good luck & take care x

  9. The tension between ideology and real work observation…

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