1. This is cool: the path described by un/curling your fingers pretty nearly matches the line of a golden spiral! 


    something i learned today:

    the ratio between the size of one digit of one of your fingers and the next digit of the same finger is roughly Φ, the golden ratio. Their lengths line up in an approximate way with sequential fibonacci numbers, because as the fibonacci sequence progresses the ratio between sequential numbers approaches Φ.  i illustrated this in that image using an arbitrary unit of pixels and the grid in photoshop.

    but the real cool part is that because of this, when you curl and uncurl your fingers, the path described by a fingertip is pretty close to a perfect golden spiral! what sweetly built machines we pilot over the earth

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    One of those causal-relationship things that always fascinates me is the way I was taught about the “golden ratio”—“It’s...
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