1. #TVNZStoryIdeas

    Out of all the attacks by the state upon individual freedom across the free world, the casual removal of civil liberties and the aggressive stance taken against political change, by big corporates.  

    Out of all the war, suffering, famine and disease.  The plight of the Sudanese, the Syrians, and the slow Afghan meltdown with it’s inevitable slid back into the hands of the Taliban.

    The plight of endangered species, the ever-present threat - to life, security, finance and culture - of climate change.

    And here in NZ: the increasing numbers of families reliant on food parcels from charities.  The widening wealth gap and it’s impacts on health and education.  Political attacks on the poor, here and overseas.

    Out of all these critical issues, it appears that TVNZ reporters are at such a loss for stories that they need to appeal to the twittersphere?

    Oh, my bad.  I guess, after all, there’s nothing new there, it’s just the same old ongoing betrayal and tragedy, isn’t it?