1. micdotcom:

    A mysterious 250-ft hole has appeared at the “end of the world”

    The slightly-terrifying maw has emerged in the peninsula of Yamal, whose name roughly translates to “the end of the world” (yes, reality is stranger than fiction). According to the Siberian Times, an oil company’s helicopter crew discovered the hole in this gas-rich region. It’s located less than 20 miles from Russia’s largest gas field, Bovanenkovo, and seems like an entrance to a massive cavern.

    And it’s got an all too familiar cause

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  2. progressiveauspol:

    Back in 2010, the Greens Senators sharing a moment of intimacy after fighting so hard to see the passing of the Carbon Tax.

    The repeal today is a sad step back.  Over the world there are more than 1000 climate change policies, including:

    Saudia Arabia: $100b investment in solar energy

    South Korea: Carbon Pricing which it got through with bipartisan support

    China: Clean Coal Technology and trialing ETS in select cities as well as massive investment in renewable

    NZ: Emission Trading Scheme well before anyone else

    Germany: $263 billion investment in renewables and a goal to be 100% renewable by 2050

    European Union: ETS Scheme

    The list goes on. Even the US is moving forward. It is sad that a country as rich as Australia does not have a clear climate change policy and a leadership that steadfastly refuses to listen to literally every leading scientific body. This is beyond embarrassing.

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  3. At no stage have these organisations allied themselves with any particular party or set of policies. They are advocating for the issue of climate change to be taken seriously by all political parties. That some parties choose to ignore these calls doesn’t mean that the Climate Voter campaign is therefore promoting the other parties.

    Advocacy groups must be allowed to raise the importance of issues in an election year. It’s part of their job, whether they are environmental, social, health, agricultural or business orientated.

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    So powerful

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  5. globalvoices:

    A new campaign seeks to change the image of Pacific Islanders as passive victims to warriors of peace against climate change.

    Pacific Climate Warriors: “We Are Not Drowning, We Are Fighting”

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  6. An important point.  Language and emphasis matters.


  7. Make your vote count in the biggest challenge of our time. 

    Sign on to be a Climate Voter.  Pledge to use your vote in the NZ General Election on 20th September, to support action on Climate Change.

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  9. Care about the planet?

    Care about people?

    Voting in NZ on September 20?  

    Read this before you do.

  10. oxfamgb:

    Global food production generates more greenhouse gases than every car, lorry, train, boat and plane in the world combined. That’s why it’s a big deal to discover General Mills and Kellogg (the food giants behind brands such as Frosties, Pringles and Jolly Green Giant) aren’t doing enough about emissions in their supply chains. 

    Climate change is already making people hungry, as poor farmers struggle to cope with extreme weather and seasons out of sync. SHARE this to show them that we expect better. A lot better.

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